A QB Comparison: Manning vs. Manning vs. Manning (11/28/11)

As Eli Manning heads to his hometown of New Orleans for Monday Night Football, his brother Peyton sits on the sidelines injured. Although it will take quite some time for Eli to catch big brother Peyton, their father Archie has spent the past decade watching both of his quarterback kids pass him in nearly every single statistical category.

Comparing Archie to Eli and Peyton really isn’t very fair (especially because he was on very bad teams) — but we’re going to do it anyway.

  • Archie played 13 seasons in the NFL and started 139 games. He has an abysmal career win percentage of 25.2%.
  • Eli is in his eighth season and has started 113 games. His career win percentage is 58.4%
  • Peyton played 13 seasons before getting injured and started all 208 games. His career win percentage is 67.8%
  • Peyton has won four MVP awards, one Super Bowl MVP award, and has been selected to 11 Pro Bowl teams.
  • Eli has no MVP awards, one Super Bowl MVP award, and one Pro Bowl selection.
  • Archie never won an MVP award, never appeared in a Super Bowl, and was selected to two Pro Bowls.
  • Archie had a 55.2% career completion percentage, Peyton has a 64.9% completion percentage, and Eli has a 58.4% completion percentage — the exact same percentage as his Win Percentage!
Although Archie had a decent NFL career, he cannot compete with either of his two sons. Eli is an underrated quarterback who is in the better half of current NFL QBs, while Peyton is a future Hall of Famer and will be in talks as the best quarterback ever when his career comes to a close.
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