Fact: Since joining the ACC in 2004, Virginia Tech has dominated the conference in football. (11/9/11)

This is not a matter of opinion. This is a fact. Virginia Tech joined the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2004, and since then they have won four ACC titles (in 2004 there was no ACC Championship game, but VT did in fact win the conference title.) The rest of the college football teams in the ACC have combined for three titles (Florida State, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest each have one. Georgia Tech was forced to vacate their title BTW.)

Virginia Tech has appeared in four BCS games since 2004 while the rest of the ACC have only appeared in three. And, the most damning evidence is that the Virginia Tech Hokies are 59 games over .500 since 2004. Boston College is second with 30 wins over .500 and it just goes downhill from there — with Duke 53 games below .500.

Take a look at the charts done by the GotCup team, and then check out our video interview with a former VT Hokie Bird mascot.

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