Fighter statistics for UFC on FOX: Evans vs. Davis (1/27/12)

We are all about statistics here at OtherScreen and we are all about television. As the UFC preps for their second network show with Evans vs. Davis on Saturday night, OtherScreen is preparing for our first MMA event. If you’ve played before, you know how we operate. If you haven’t, check out our website to find out how we send companion content for your mobile device to make TV more fun. Either way, the following information will certainly get you up-to-speed on Saturday’s event and will help you plan your strategy on which props you might want to choose.

The UFC website, along with some other MMA sites like Sherdog, have great stats on all the fighters that will be participating on Saturday night — like wins, losses, number of strikes, number of takedowns, percentage of strikes to takedowns, etc. — but we’re more interested in the specific way fighters have won.

For instance: Phil Davis has struck his opponents a total of 196 times out of 389 attempts, but he has yet to record a KO or TKO in any of his UFC wins. 40% of his wins have come from submissions while the other 60% have come from the judges’ decision.

This information is vital if you want to win our OtherScreen event this Saturday as we will be asking the question: “How will this fight end?” on a number of occasions. Your three possible answers are “KO/TKO,” “By Submission or Tap Out,” or “By Judges’ Decision.” By comparing the history of these fighters, you’ll have an edge come fight time.

Here are some facts about the fighters along with some charts for an easier understanding of the data. (Note: All fight statistics are for fights in the UFC or WEC. No other MMA fights are included.)

  • Rashad Evans is 27-1-1 in total fights (14 wins have been in UFC), but has never submitted an opponent. He also has never tapped out as his only loss — to Lyoto Machida in 2009 — came from a KO/TKO in Round 2.
  • Phil Davis is 9-0 overall (5 of these have come in the1UFC) and has won all of his fights by either submission or by Unanimous Decision.
  • Chael Sonnen is 27-11-1 overall (only 7 have been in UFC/WEC) and has never scored a KO or TKO. Sonnen came the closest to beating Anderson Silva by going nearly five full rounds before being submitted by the Brazilian. Sonnen has tapped out six times in his UFC losses, but has never been knocked out.
  • Michael Bisping is 23-3-0 overall and might be the most all-around fighter for the night as he has beaten opponents in all three ways. 67% of his fights have ended with a KO/TKO by Bisping, while 27% have been a Decision, and 7% are by submission. His three losses have come by a Unanimous Decision, a Split Decision, and a second round KO from Dan Henderson.
  • Demian Maia is 15-3-0 and is pretty split with his wins between Decision and Submission. He too has three losses, which have come by two Unanimous Decisions, and a first round KO from Nate Maquardt.
  • Chris Weidman is 7-0 with three wins in the UFC. Two have come from Submissions and one was a Unanimous Decision.

Saturday Night should be a great event to watch, especially when using OtherScreen. There may be some surprises, but if you pay attention to the precedent a lot of these fighters have set in previous fights, you may just win our first UFC event.

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