Five Reasons People Hate Baseball (10/24/11)

Each year during the World Series, the media obsess over how low the Nielsen ratings are for Major League Baseball’s “Fall Classic.” The ratings decline each year and analysts try to predict why this is. The decline in ratings is simple in actuality. Lots of people hate baseball. Why is that? Here is GotCup’s opinion on the “Five Reasons People Hate Baseball.” Don’t worry, tomorrow we will analyze the “Five Reasons People Love Baseball.”

5) Season is too long
There are 30 MLB teams and they each play 162 games. Without the playoffs, the regular season is composed of 4,860 total games. This number far exceeds any other sport. The NFL only has 512 games, and the total number of Division I college football games is 1,440. By the end of a 162-game season, even “fans” are worn out by baseball.

4) Don’t care about teams playing
This reason is typically what the media obsess over. If the Yankees or the Red Sox are not playing in the World Series, casual fans do not seem to care too much about who takes home the “Commissioner’s Trophy.” Seriously, that’s what the World Series trophy is called. It doesn’t have the same ring as the “Stanley Cup” or the “Lombardi Trophy.” Casual fans like to see Derek Jeter at shortstop, not Elvis Andrus of the Rangers.

3) Fantasy Baseball sucks
Without the creation of Fantasy Baseball, known as “Rotisserie League Baseball” when founded, other fantasy sports would not exist. But, just because it all got started with baseball does not mean Fantasy Baseball doesn’t suck. Fantasy Football is for both casual and hardcore fans. Fantasy Baseball is ONLY for hardcore fans. It’s time intensive and confusing. Example: a common term used is the acronym WHIP, which stands for Walks + Hits / Innings pitched. A pitcher with five innings pitched who gave up six hits and two walks would have a 6.4 WHIP. Huh?

2) Complicated rules
Speaking of complicated rules, baseball is very, very complicated for people who did not grow up playing it. This sounds crazy to baseball fans, but it’s true. Other sports are confusing because of the penalties the referees call: icing, goaltending, ineligible man downfield, etc. Baseball is confusing because of the strategy managers use. Plus, some of the rules are very weird. Here is a list of questions a non-baseball fan might ask while watching a game: Why did that pitcher only pitch to one batter? Why did the runner on third base stay on the base when the ball was hit to the outfield? Why is he now running home? Why does the 3rd baseman have to tag a guy when the 1st baseman can just touch the base? What’s a “balk?” There are many complications to baseball that just do not exist in other sports.

1) Too slow and boring
Yes, baseball is slow and boring. And sometimes it’s completely on purpose. It’s the only sport that has no time frame on how short or long it can be. A batter could swing at the first pitch, or he could hit 18 foul balls. Sometimes it’s slow for a strategic reason, like when a pitcher continually throws over to first to give a reliever in the bullpen more time to warm up; and sometimes it’s slow because it’s marred with traditions. It’s the only sport when players get to warm up during the actual game. When a reliever comes in, he gets to throw pitches from the actual mound to get loose. If this happened in other sports, it would be ludicrous. A field goal kicker gets a practice attempt. A golfer gets a mulligan on each hole. A basketball team gets to do lay-up drills after each timeout. This all sounds ludicrous, so why does it happen in baseball?

What did we miss? Make sure to comment below whether you agree or disagree with our analysis. We’ll have a “Top Five Reason People Love Baseball” post tomorrow.

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