LSU vs. Alabama: A complete history using infographics (11/2/11)

A college football game like this Saturday’s LSU vs. Alabama — which is the first #1 vs. #2 regular season matchup in SEC history — does not come around very often. Of course, LSU plays Alabama each season, but this particular game has so much more meaning than any of their past meetups. Below are infographics done by the GotCup team on how the teams have faired against each other in their 74 games, along with some facts about the rivalry.

  • Both teams have been in the SEC since 1932, the first year the conference was established.
  • The game has been played in six different locations, but never outside Alabama or Louisiana.
  • The teams began playing each other on an annual basis in 1964.
  • Alabama won 14 of 15 games between 1971 and 1999. The 1985 game actually ended in a tie, so LSU went winless in all 15 of these meetings.
  • The 2007 game was dubbed the “Saban Bowl,” which was the first time Saban’s Alabama team played his former LSU team.
  • Nick Saban went 15-17 with the Miami Dolphins during the 2005 and 2006 NFL seasons.

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