Oregon vs. Stanford: The first Pac-12 Championship Game Ever (11/11/11)

Last week we saw the supposed National Championship Game between LSU and Alabama — a down-to-the-wire 9-6 snooze-fest. This week we have what amounts to the Pac-12 Championship Game with Oregon facing Andrew Luck Stanford. If people were bored with last week’s defensive match-up, they should make sure to tune in to this game as Oregon and Stanford have some of the most explosive offenses in the country.

Stanford is averaging 48.2 points (3rd most in the country) and Oregon is averaging 46 points (good for 5th best). The Over/Under for this game is 68-points. The LSU vs. Alabama game’s Over/Under was 41-points, and they combined for only 15.

Since Stanford and Oregon are now in the same division of the Pac-12, they cannot have a rematch, so the winner of this game is pretty much guaranteed the first Pac-12 title. Both Stanford and Oregon have faired pretty well while in the Pac-10, and the charts below show the number of Pac-10 titles won by all the schools who competed in the division. The second chart compares the number of Pac-10 Championships won since the creation of the BCS in 1998.

What’s interesting to note is how level the playing field has been in the Pac-10 since 1998. Sure, USC has won seven titles (this includes ones they had to vacate) and Oregon has won four, but seven of the eight remaining teams have each won a championship. Arizona has been the only non-title winner since 1998 — but they have a really good basketball team so their fans probably stop caring in November anyway.

This will be the first time that there cannot be a shared Pac-10/12 Champion, as has happened four times in the past ten years. In 2000 Washington, Oregon, and Oregon State all shared the title; in 2002 Washington State and USC shared it; in 2006 USC and Cal shared it; and in 2007 USC and Arizona State went 50/50 on the title.

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