QB Comparison: Matthew Stafford vs. Drew Brees (12/4/11)

Two of the better teams in the NFC meet tonight with the Detroit Lions facing off against the New Orleans Saints. Both teams have dynamic quarterbacks that can put up some serious numbers. Here is a quick QB Comparison of Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees.

  • Brees has led New Orleans to a 8-3 start while Stafford is now 7-4 after beginning the season 5-0.
  • Brees is averaging a 70.2% completion rating compared to Stafford’s completion rating of 62.3%
  • Brees has thrown 27 touchdowns and has thrown 11 interceptions. Stafford has 26 TDs and 13 INTs.
Below are some charts comparing each quarterback’s game-by-game performance. Brees stats are the gold and black line, while Stafford’s is in blue and silver.
Click each chart to open in full size

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