Statistical Comparisons: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos (1/6/12)

A lot has been made of this game, specifically the Tim Tebow vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers Defense angle. If you go by just the statistics, Tebow and the Broncos have absolutely no chance. The Broncos are ranked as the 25th best offense in the NFL. Another way of saying it is that they are the 7th worst offensive team. The Steelers D on the other hand are ranked 1st in both the number of points given up and 1st in amount of yardage given up.

Of course, if one was just to go with the stats on paper, the Broncos would never have made the playoffs in the first place. That’s what is so compelling about this game. It’s a true David vs. Goliath scenario as the Steelers Defense should really be able to put Tim Tebow “in his place.” But, no predictions are certain when Tebow has the ball.

The Steelers lead the Broncos in almost every conceivable category except for rushing yards. The Broncos far exceed the Steelers in this one — check out our charts below for more info (click them to open in full screen.)

One stat that cannot be ignored, especially in the playoffs, is turnover margin. Both of these teams give the ball away way more than they take it away. The Broncos are -12, good for 26th best in the league, while the Steelers — even with their amazing defense — is -13, good for 28th in the league. Roethlisberger is the cause of many of these turnovers as he has thrown 14 interceptions and has personally fumbled 8 times.

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