Tim Tebow vs. the 2010 QB NFL Draft Class (12/5/11)

Since Tim Tebow made his debut as the Denver starter, the media has had a field day with “Tebow Mania,” “Tebow Time,” and “Tebow Fever.” Call it whatever you want, Tim Tebow has taken Broncos fans and anyone paying attention to football for a serious roller coaster ride. He’s winning games, many on the last drive, and he’s doing it in an unorthodox way. Frankly, he’s pissing people off.

Well, not everyone — just people who think there is a “correct” way to play quarterback in the National Football League. Oh, and people who hate that he talks about his Christian beliefs in every interview. There’s also fans of SEC colleges who do not have a a gator as their mascot, but these people have hated him since 2006. These are the major three groups that he is pissing off.

Everyone else seems to be enjoying the ride.

He’s won 6 of the 7 games he has started this season and has helped the Broncos tie for the top of the AFC West. No one can call him an NFL bust — something many people have be claiming he would be from the time he first threw a pass in public. Many are trying to compare Tebow to other pocket passers in the league, or to other historic scrambling quarterbacks. But, one of the most telling comparisons is how he has performed when put next to his 2010 NFL QB Draft Class.

Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen, and Colt McCoy were all drafted the same year as Tebow. They all have been the “starting quarterback” for the teams they signed with — for a short time at least — and comparing these four QBs is really the only logical thing to do. None of the QBs were drafted to playoff-caliber teams, and the three other quarterbacks were all considered to be better “pro-style” quarterbacks before entering the draft.

  • Sam Bradford was drafted first overall by the St. Louis Rams and has made 25 starts for them. He has a career win percentage of 32% and a 2011 win percentage of 11%. He has the most starts, the most career TDs, and the second highest career completion percentage of the four quarterbacks. He has led the Rams to 8 total wins as the starter.
  • Tim Tebow was selected 25th overall by the Denver Broncos and has made 10 starts for them. He has a career win percentage of 70% and a 2011 win percentage of 86%. He only has 10 NFL starts, tied for last of the four with Jimmy Clausen; the second most total TDs, 15 passing and 9 rushing; and the lowest completion rate of the four. He has led the Broncos to 7 wins as a starter.
  • Jimmy Clausen was selected 48th overall by the Carolina Panthers and made 10 starts for them in the 2010 season before the team drafted Cam Newton in 2011. He has not made a start in the 2011 season. He has a career win percentage of 10%. He has the least amount of scores of the four with 3 TDs, and is only ahead of Tebow in completion percentage. He led the Panthers to 1 win as a starter — which help lead to Carolina picking Cam Newton first overall in the 2011 draft.
  • Colt McCoy was drafted 85th by the Cleveland Browns and has made 20 starts for them. He has a career win percentage of 30% and a 2011 season winning percentage of 33%. He has the second most starts, has the highest completion percentage of all four quarterbacks, and has 21 career TDs. He has led the Browns to 6 wins as a starter.
Say what you want about Tim Tebow, but no one really thought he would be having a more successful career than these other three “pro-style” quarterbacks. His stats might not be as polished as these other guys, but he sure has proved he can win games. The jury will still be out for quite some time on who has the best lifetime NFL career, but no one can deny how exciting Tebow has made the past few weeks of football.
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