Tom Brady in 2001 vs. Tim Tebow in 2011 (1/14/12)

Twelve years ago, Tom Brady was a nobody. Drafted in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft, he spent most of his rookie season as the fourth string quarterback for the New England Patriots. Apparently Bill Belichick saw something in Brady as most teams would never keep four quarterbacks on the roster. By the end of 2000, Brady was second string and began the 2001 season this way.

Starter Drew Bledsoe suffered a huge hit from New York Jets linebacker Mo Lewis in game two of the 2001 season, which brought in Tom Brady. In his first three games he threw for zero touchdowns and had a total of 300 passing yards (46, 168, 86.) He eventually learned how to throw a football and started to win games. He ended the season 11 – 4. Oh, and he won a Super Bowl ring.

Brady was the underdog in every game in the 2001 season. He needed a fourth-quarter comeback against the Oakland Raiders in the first round of the playoffs and won in overtime. Sound familiar? Brady threw for 312 yards in that game. Tebow threw for 316 yards in his first playoff victory.

By all means, Brady was a much better statistical quarterback in 2001 than Tebow is today. They both have one thing in common though. They both win games.

Below are three charts put together by the OtherScreen team that compare game-by-game statistics of Tim Tebow in 2011 vs. Tom Brady in 2001 (completion percentages, passing yards, and touchdowns.) Brady leads in almost every category, but was not nearly as consistent when it came to scoring touchdowns. Both QBs had a total of 18 touchdowns during the regular season — even though Brady played in three more games than Tebow did. While Brady had some great 3+ touchdown games, he played in six games without throwing or running for a single TD. Tebow scored in every single game except for the last one of the season and had seven games with multiple touchdowns.

Comparing the statistics of these two quarterbacks in 2011 are completely a waste of time as Brady is currently one of the best to ever throw a football. He has learned a lot in the past ten years. Can he put that into action tonight and actually beat the Broncos to end Tebow’s miracle season?


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